Princess & The Frog

Princess & The Frog

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A beautiful princess was out in her garden near to the Royal Pond, playing catch with her ball when suddenly the ball rolled away and dropped into the Royal Pond.

In the pond lived a frog that jumped out to see what was going on only to find the princess in tears for having lost her ball.

“Don’t worry princess” said the frog “I will swim down to the bottom of the pool and retrieve your ball!”

And he did just that, bringing the ball back to the princess.

It was at that moment the princess noticed that the frog was wearing a golden crown which seemed most unusual, “Are you a royal frog?” asked the princess.

“I was a handsome prince once” replied the frog, sadly but a wicked wizard who was jealous of my good looks put a spell on me and said that I would be a frog until some beautiful princess gave me a kiss!”

“Really?” said the princess, not believing a word the frog said, “Well I will give you a kiss anyway for retrieving my ball!”

With that she gave the frog just one little kiss!

The frog was so surprised he jumped back in the pool and sank to the bottom.

Fearing for his life the princess cried out in alarm, “Where are you? Please come back up out of the water so that I can see that you are safe and sound!”

But instead of a frog, up came a remarkably handsome prince; the magic had worked and the princess’s kiss had broken the wizard’s spell and he had become his real self once more!

Wait a moment, the children know that you turned the pond envelope around and they will soon be telling you that there’s a frog on one side of the picture card and the handsome prince on the opposite side.

Now follows traditional fun as the children demand to see the opposite side of the card while you try to get out of it by turning it this way and that but never showing them the side they wish to see!

Eventually and after much fun & laughter you turn the picture around to show the beautiful princess, who you claim then marries the handsome prince.

The older children are not fooled however and want to see inside the envelope.

And yes, there is something inside which when a child removes it proves to be a birthday or Christmas card or a small bar of chocolate (the choice is yours) the envelope is otherwise completely empty & can be freely examined.

Comes complete with the laminated picture card (5.5” x 7.5”), unfaked pond envelope, routine & instructions.

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