Coin thru Glass

Coin thru Glass

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Don't be put off by the low price of this item it is a winner that you can carry in your pocket and you will enjoy performing!

You show the audience a small metal dish and put a coin on it.

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You now borrow or introduce a small solid transparent glass and place it mouth downwards over the coin on the dish.

Now taking another coin you start to tap the bottom of the glass and suddenly, the audience will see the coin penetrate the bottom of the glass and drop near the other coin onto the dish! A wonderful effect!

No special coins are used for this trick and it is suitable for coins of any domination.

No trapdoors or similar in the metal dish so everything coins, glass and dish can be left for thorough examination.
So easy and visual!

Comes with the metal dish (9cm x 1.5cm )& pictorial instructions. Use your own coins & glass.

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