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This clever effect is well named as it is truly is a puzzling mystery!

You display an empty glass and three small silks of different colours and then push two silks (say blue and yellow) one after another into the glass. The mouth of the glass is then covered with a piece of paper, locked with a rubber band, turned mouth down & placed onto a table or a tray. Finally the glass is covered with an empty cylinder.

The third silk (say red) is spread over the cylinder and pushed inside the cylinder with a magic wand.

When the cylinder is lifted and shown empty the red silk is found inside the glass in between the other two different coloured silks.

The glass is inverted once more, the paper over the glass is torn away and the silks are pulled out.
The red silk is found in the middle of a chain of three, knotted with the other two silks!

A brilliant effect!

Christian magicians can represent the Father and the Holy Spirit with the first two silks and then the third silk as Christ the son joining them in Heaven to good effect.

Limited supplies available there will be no more until the New Year so act NOW!

Comes with the glass, cylinder (6 x 3.5 inches), 8-inch silks & instructions.

Overseas with packing this is a heavy object and may attract extra postage; please contact us before ordering and we will then email you with the postage for your country before you order.

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