Cooking Cards - Cookies Model

Cooking Cards - Cookies Model

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You show your dove pan, Indian sweet vase, or any magical production prop that you already own, to be empty and leave it in full view.

The birthday child or any child that has been assisting you is now allowed to choose a menu from your illustrated Magic Cooking book that you display page by page.

There is loads of comedy here as most of the ingredients used are not very appetising at all – which child for instance would want Mouse Mousse or Cow Custard?!

The book is flicked through and the child inserts their finger onto any page – the chosen illustrated recipe is then shown – in turns out to be Lollipops or Crisps (see later).

The recipe is then followed with the children miming invisible ingredients & stirring invisible basins etc.

Magic words are said and the box, pan or what have you is opened to magically reveal it really does contain Lollipops or Crisps which the child can then distribute to their friends attending your magical show!

Comes with the A6 sized forcing book & routine. Use your own prop that will magically produce crisps or lollipops.

Choose your special forcing book from the following four selections: Lollipops, Crisps, Cookies, Chocolate.

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