Psychic Colours - Mr E A5 Stage Size

Psychic Colours - Mr E A5 Stage Size

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Here is an item that has stood the test of time, using simple props that are completely unfaked in any way but while effective, it was crying out for a good routine.

Eddie has been quietly working on this for about forty years. In that time he has come up with three completely different presentations that LIFTS the effect into a feature performance item for stage, cabaret, close-up and psychic events.

You show three large different coloured envelopes, one RED, one YELLOW and one BLUE (C5 size; 220mm x 220mm, 120 gram.)You explain that inside each envelope is a large A5 size coloured card.

You also have a further three matching cards. A spectator lays the three envelopes in any order then places a different colour-matching card on each envelope. The spectator can change the order of either the coloured cards or envelopes if they so wish.

Once the spectator is satisfied, the envelopes are opened to show the other coloured cards inside. Incredibly the participating spectator has placed his cards onto the envelopes so that the sets match each other 100%!

A baffling and most intriguing mental mystery that defies any logical solution.

As clever as this wonderful effect is, it does require a really good routine in order for you to sell it to your audience. That’s what we are offering here; three first class presentations from Eddie’s own show that helps to LIFT this item into a class of its own. Once you have performed it, you simply won’t want to leave it out of your show!

Comes complete & ready to work with large coloured envelopes, laminated cards, Eddie's fantastic routines & instructions.

Psychic Colours is also available in a close-up version see elsewhere on our website.

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