Growing Glove

Growing Glove

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Making your entrance and without a word, you take off one glove and toss it on to your table or in to your hat.

Then you begin pulling off your other glove, but it keeps coming and coming and coming ...

The more you pull the longer this crazy, multi-coloured glove becomes! What a great laugh getter.

If you wish you could attach a sock or your underpants to the end of the long glove.

You could raise your trouser leg to show one sock has gone but I suggest you let the missing underpants speak for themselves!

Or how about attaching it to a shirt sleeve and pull up your jacket sleeve to show it has gone.

It's the perfect ice-breaker at the start of your show and is ideal for clowns, magicians and all entertainers.

A guaranteed comedy hit in your show!

Comes with one ordinary white large-sized glove, one special white growing glove & instructions. Was £16.99 now

Only £12.99

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