True Secrets of the Piddingtons

True Secrets of the Piddingtons

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Over 64 years in the writing! The Amazing Piddington's TRUE secrets are revealed at last of this famous husband & wife team who performed one of the most incredible radio & stage telepathy acts during the 1950’s era.

During World War II Sydney Piddington was imprisoned for four years in the dreaded Changi Camp, immortalised by fellow prisoner Russell Braddon, author of The Naked Island.

After his release from incarceration, Sydney returned to his native Australia where he met & married a very pretty actress, Lesley Pope in 1946.

The couple worked up a telepathy act based on Sydney's experience in Changi jail, and the Piddingtons became a successful show on Australian radio.

In 1949 the couple came to England, where they appeared for eight weeks on BBC radio programmes, when they became a sensational success almost overnight.

Twenty million listeners were estimated to be tuned into their programme!

During their incredible career ‘The Piddingtons’ performed their stage show at the Victoria Hall in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent sponsored by The Prisoner of War society and at which Eddie Burke a young man at that time was present.

Well-versed in mentalism even at that young age Eddie quickly realised how the Piddington’s effects were performed but has kept these secrets sacrosanct for the past 64 years.

Now at long last he reveals in complete detail the exact methods they used on that exciting night during their incredible performance!

Eddie also reveals further thoughts on how such an act could succeed in a world where communication has been taken to a level never dreamed of in the world of The Piddingtons.

All is revealed in our 25-page A4 sized booklet.

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