Joker Knows - DOWNLOAD

Joker Knows - DOWNLOAD

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One of the neatest double card predictions ever. It seems quite impossible and an alternative routine is given so you can repeat it, and impromptu, with a borrowed pack of playing cards.

A pack of playing or Tarot cards is shuffled by a spectator and you write out a prediction on a piece of paper, fold it into quarters and clip it to the Joker from the pack, this is then handed direct to any spectator who in turn is allowed to insert it anywhere he likes into the deck.

Strange as it may seem the cards found both ABOVE and BELOW the Joker card are those written on the prediction paper clipped to the Joker!

Easy and baffling, no sleight of hand is required and so anyone can do it once they know the clever secret.

Use any pack of cards, prediction paper, pen and paper-clip – yes even borrowed ones.

Do it anywhere, anytime and completely impromptu as no previous set-up of the pack is required.

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