Handkerchief Pull De Luxe

Handkerchief Pull De Luxe

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Back in stock again after many years; this is one of best methods of causing a silk handkerchief, sponge ball or any small item to disappear!

With sleeves rolled up and hands shown empty, you take a silk handkerchief and gently wave it up and down.

Gradually the handkerchief is seen to get smaller and disappear; then when the hands are opened a second later no trace is found.

The handkerchief is then usually reproduced in some mysterious manner.

The special gimmick has been used by generations of magicians to mystify their audiences.

This article is beautifully made of wood, which makes it noiseless and light in weight; a appliance of general utility.

Comes with the deluxe handkerchief pull & instructions. Use your own silks etc.

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