Chain of Thought

Chain of Thought

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You show a sealed envelope, which is kept in view at all times and a pack of cards – please note all fifty-two cards are present together with the Jokers.

While you turn your head a spectator mentally thinks of just one card – the selection is free and at this stage it is not announced.

The spectator announces their choice – let us say that the card they call is the Queen of Clubs – your prediction envelope is opened and a single card is removed. Please note that no other card is hidden inside the envelope – but wait a minute, the card selected was the Queen of Clubs but you have just removed the Eight of Hearts!

You hand the spectator the card and invite them to turn it over for themselves – boldly written on the back of the card in permanent black ink is their freely thought of card ‘The Queen of Clubs’!

A truly impressive prediction effect! In an alternative presentation, you openly write a prediction on the back of a Joker which when shown later proves to be the very card that the spectator is merely thinking of!

Marvillo’s Chain of Thought won first prize in a contest organised by the German Magic Circle as the best card effect of the year – now it is available to you. Only one pack of cards is used – no extra cards. No palming, sticky substances or similar. You will absolutely love it!

Comes complete with quality Bicycle playing cards & coloured picture-illustrated instructions.

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