Adair's Fishy Business

Adair's Fishy Business

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If you are looking for a fun-packed routine with audience participation then you will not do better than Ian Adair's effect Fishy Business.

Two naughty cats (two cartoon pictures on large colourful cards) are shown.

You explain that they have been very naughty and tried to steal their master's (Ivor Caughtone) fish which he has just caught.

Both cats and the fish cards are slipped into a brightly coloured, stiff cardboard envelope which has two open windows through which they can be seen at all times.

As your story unfolds both cat cards are removed one at a time and shown front and back (no pocket cards are used) and you claim that you have made the fish vanish so that the cats are rightly punished for stealing it.

But the children and their Mums & Dads can still see parts of it through the two cut-out windows and soon let you know!

When slowly removed, the complete fish visibly transforms into a skeleton one.

Everyone demands to see the other side of the card. "Hands up, who likes fish fingers?” you ask.

Lots of hands are raised as you reverse the final card to show the FISH FINGERS!

Designed by Adair for your children's shows this also has instant appeal to the adults in your audience who will fall for it as well!

Packs flat in the bottom of your case and is ideal to include between your larger props lending itself to some very funny business and audience participation.

Only 200 have been made so you'd better get your order in NOW!

Comes complete with cards (9" x 6"), routine & instructions.

Only £24.99

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