Adair's Dog Show Dilemma

Adair's Dog Show Dilemma

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You will love Ian Adair’s version of Eric Williams’ Blind Date effect but for performing in front of children.

You show three brightly coloured stiff cardboard envelopes, each with a cut-out window on their fronts. Inside each is a large card showing back designs in three different colours, with a bold paw-mark displayed.

You stage a pretend dog show and state that two children will assist by selecting one of the cards (using colours).

You further explain that whilst the picture of the dog on the reverse sides may be really nice, the one that you will be left with will be extra special, the real winner, winning first prize.

The two pictures selected by the children are shown each depicting a really cute dog and each with a first prize rosette image.

“I know my dog will be the overall winner, receiving the top award. It will be cute, cuddly and really nice looking!” you proudly announces.

But when the last remaining card is slowly removed from the envelope the picture is of a ghastly-looking dog - a weird and crazy animal that no child would ever want to own as a pet!

Alternatively you can have the audience vote for the one to win all the time claiming that it will be yours.

Loud applause for the children and lots of hissing and boos for you. Guaranteed to bring the house down with a different dog for the performer always possible at each showing.

Limited supplies available; only 200 will be released worldwide.

Comes complete with a set of special window envelopes, printed cards (approx 8.25" x 5.75", 21cm x 14.5cm ) routine & suggested patter.

Only £27.50

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