Invisible Hole

Invisible Hole

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A silk handkerchief tied around an examined rope penetrates the rope through an invisible hole!

Invisible Hole is one of the most visual effects you could ever wish to present.

It’s ideal to use following your favourite Cut & Restored rope routine or to show it as an effect in its own right.

A rope and a silk handkerchief are the only properties used both of which can be freely examined both before and after the trick.

You form a loop in the rope into which the silk is placed and the loop tightened.

The silk is now tied in a genuine double knot around the rope and two spectators hold the two ends of the rope tightly stretched between them.

An audience member can check that the silk is really tied onto the rope and it is clear that the silk can only be removed by untying everything again.

You now introduce an invisible hole apparently holding it between your finger & thumb but the audience cannot see anything as of course it is invisible!

A spectator decides where on the outstretched rope he wishes to have the invisible hole placed.

The silk is now slid along the stretched rope to the chosen spot and at this very point on the rope you pull the silk clean through the rope still with its knots intact – an amazing visual penetration!

Everything can be immediately handed out for examination. Easy to do!

Please note: Should you not already have a suitable silk or rope to perform this effect both are available at reasonable cost on this website.

Comes with our picture-illustrated 8-page booklet together with Eddie's amusing patter. Use your own soft rope of about 8 feet and any 12-inch or 18-inch silk handkerchief.

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