The 100th Monkey DVD

The 100th Monkey DVD

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The 100th Monkey is not just a method it's an adventure - three devastating effects based on a diabolical new principle by Chris Philpott,creator of Tossed Out Book Test and Intimate Mysteries.

The performer holds up a card with a word written upon it, the audience concentrates on it and a volunteer reads their minds!

Other presentations included.
Speechless: You take away a volunteer's ability to read!

The Sixth Scent: You know which of four spectators is
thinking of a time, a place, a thing and an emotion then, without a question or anything written, reveal exact details!

No stooges, hypnotism or pre-show. Includes 2 DVDs, props, written text and loads of extras.

Detailed description of the effects:

The performer holds up a card with a word written on it - the audience concentrates on it and the volunteer reads their minds! Other presentations included. A powerful new plot involving the entire audience..." In 1952, in the jungles of the island of Koshima Japan, scientists made one of the strangest discoveries of all time..."

The performer holds up a large card so everyone in the audience can see it - everyone except a volunteer on stage with her eyes closed. The card has a word printed on it - perhaps it reads Canada. As the audience concentrates on the word, the volunteer is asked to think of a country & her choice matches the card shown to the audience!

The trick can be repeated with one or more volunteers and a variety of choices from rock bands to six-digit numbers.

At this point you may be wondering how on Earth can a volunteer know what everyone else is thinking? If you're guessing this involves some kind of switch or flap so the volunteer looks at a different card than the audience, you'd be wrong; everyone looks at the same card at the same time.

When I first performed this for a group of mentalists, many of them came up to me afterwards and confessed that they thought I was using stooges, I wasn't.

The 100th Monkey Effect is the controversial scientific theory that when enough individuals think the same thought, then that thought can spread to others as if it is 'in the air'.

You take away a volunteer's ability to read! "I want you to come on a little adventure, a trip into the past - your past to rediscover the childlike wonder you felt at that age when you'd learned to speak but not to read."

Effect: The performer takes away a volunteer's ability to read. When the performer holds up cards with words printed on them, the audience can read the words easily, but the words make no sense to the volunteer who struggles to sound out the words just like a child learning to read.

In the end, the performer gives the volunteer back his ability and without ever looking away from the card suddenly he can read the words perfectly!

Can be presented as a display of mind control or hypnosis (though it doesn't use hypnosis). It can be comic but it can also be beautiful or even frightening, depending on your presentation.

Like The 100th Monkey, Speechless uses no stooges, instant or otherwise; the volunteer is just as amazed as everyone else and the moment when he suddenly understands the word he is looking at is so baffling and powerful that it elicits gasps.

Speechless is part of the 100th Monkey package & includes video overview, written instructions, scripts, variations & all gimmicks.

You know which of four spectators is thinking of a time, a place, a thing & an emotion then, without a question or anything written, reveal exact details!

"Different types of thoughts have different flavours. And just as you might walk into someone's home and say, 'Ahh, they're cooking Indian food!' I often catch the scent of a thought when I am close to someone, not the specific thought which is very difficult but a general flavour. I'd like to demonstrate for that for you."

Four people are selected and come up from the audience. The performer shows them four cards on one side they are blank and on the other they say 'Month', 'Country', 'Furniture' and 'Emotion'.

With the performer's back turned, they mix the cards amongst themselves & yet the performer quickly and unerringly determines who is thinking of a time, a place, a thing & an emotion. This is repeated several times in quick succession.

Then, without a single question, pre-show, stooges or anything written down, the performer reveals the exact month, country, piece of furniture and emotion the four people are thinking of!

"Chris has been a very clever boy here! He's taken a genuine psychological phenomenon & turned it to his (and now our) advantage to create something utterly baffling." Colin McLeod.

"A radically new breakthrough in the art of mentalism. The 100th Monkey is brilliant and takes dual reality to the next level, the effects are powerful & well thought out, & even greater is the core technique which opens the door to endless possibilities!" Robert J. Gould.

"Revolutionary ideas that soon will be the standard for all mentalists who want to go that extra step for something that feels real enough to be impossible. The most valuable part of the 100th monkey is that the ideas, principles and demonstrations are worthy of being seen on TV and still be believable!" Joe Monti, National TV Producer.

"This is for the thinking mentalist who wants to be at the cutting edge of new ideas without using stooges or electronic gadgets. Real magic of the mind that takes advantage of how our minds work!" Paul Draper.

"BRILLIANT!! No hype, everyone we have shown it to is blown away. Thank you for producing something that is really worth more than the asking price. WE LOVE THIS THING!!" Paul Gross.

"Ingenious and innovative. It's not often that some new and useful principle is brought to mentalists, but Chris Philpott has done just that. Highly recommended." Jheff.

"This is just ridiculously good. I got it expecting to find it interesting and possibly useful. I was not expecting to be wholly blown away by it, which I was. What I wasn't prepared for was how well-executed they are, and the amount of work that Chris obviously put into them on many levels, to make them as effective as possible. It's rare that I get this excited about a new mentalism item but this absolutely warrants it." Joshua Quinn.

"In the hands of a good performer, it can become a deadly psychological weapon, to produce the most organic mindreading ever! I can't recommend The 100th Monkey highly enough." Robert Marsi.

"No matter whether you perform children's magic, close up magic, parlour magic or stage you will find a place for one of these monkeys within your act. In short I absolutely love this and know you will too!" Michael Murray.

Comes with two DVDs, props, written text and lots of extras.

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