Tipple Topple Wand - Only two left

Tipple Topple Wand - Only two left

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Nicely made in sturdy plastic Tipple Topple Wand will have your audiences shouting and laughing in no time at all.

You introduce your black wand with white ends explaining that you will wave it to make your magic work.

However the audience will soon be telling you that the top white end of the wand is wobbling and spinning in a most hilarious manner.

You of course miss it as it is back firmly in place when you look.

However you turn the wand end-for-end and wave it again and to the audience’s delight the NEW white end wobbles and spins around perhaps even faster than the previous one.

This time you spot it and ask a child to fix the end back into place which they do, however as soon as you look away the wand end tips off – to loud cries from the audience.

But no, when you look again it is firmly back in on the end of the wand.

Wave the wand from its centre and both ends topple off hanging comically on each end of the wand!

We promise you Tipple Topple Wand is a riot of fun creating loads of audience participation. Easy to do.

Comes with the black & white Tipple Topple Wand approx 13.5" x .50" & instructions. We have only two of this populr item left and there will bre no more once these are sold - Buy now first come first serbed

Only £17.99

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