Adair's Missing Middle Riddle

Adair's Missing Middle Riddle

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Would you like to magically remove the middle from a sexy Bunny Girl and then restore her back to normal?

You can, with this visual illusion in miniature. Using no fancy cabinets, no blades or swords and no lovely lady assistants to hire.

A large card measuring 5.75 x 8.25 inches and bearing the colourful illustration of a sexy Bunny Girl is seen inside a stiff cardboard window envelope.

A ‘sliding sleeve’ is made to slide down to cover her middle.

Using two fingers as a pair of imaginary scissors, you make a couple of snips around her central area.

When the sleeve is lowered her tummy area has GONE! Just a space where it used to be!

The sleeve is repositioned and you snap the envelope and then withdrawing the sleeve to reveal the return of her middle! She’s completely restored.

The card is slowly withdrawn from the envelope and handed to anyone who wishes to handle it. Your audience clearly sees through the cut-out window that the envelope is empty.

Self-contained, easy to do. Bright and colourful props which pack flat.

Comes complete with the large card (approx 5.75" x 8.25"), stiff cardboard window envelope & instructions.

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