Magic Words

Magic Words

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Another terrific trick by Mr. E Enterprises using eight colourful (about A6 size) laminated cards each of which contains a special magic word such as Abracadabra, Hey Presto etc.

You place a major prize such as your wallet full of money, a bottle of Champagne and so forth (use your own) on a table that a spectator can win.

Your spectator freely selects a card from among the eight magic words which is then used for the magic spell.

The card then chosen is kept under the spectator’s own hand.

All the other cards are turned over to show that each and every one of them has the word WIN permanently printed upon it in yellow lettering under the clear lamination, making a big and colourful display.

The magic spell card firmly held under the spectator’s hand is the only one with the word LOSE permanently printed in grey on its back!

No extra cards are used.
Alternatively, if you want to give a gift away, you can end up with the LOSE card while the lucky spectator proves to be a winner of say a balloon model or other small gift.

The magic happens with the cards in the spectator's own hands! Very easy to do & simply cannot fail. Super for walkabout magic.

Comes with the special laminated cards & instructions. Use your own prizes.

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