Adair's Colour-Fusin' Circles & Squares - Half price sale

Adair's Colour-Fusin' Circles & Squares - Half price sale

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You display a large card inside a bright blue stiff cardboard envelope which has a cut-out window on its front.

It illustrates a large red spot (circle) and a large yellow square.

A child is asked to select one or the other and whichever is chosen (e.g. square) you state that you will make it change colour.

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You reverse the envelopes, blow on it and reveal that the square is now BLUE! But the children are not impressed – they are sure another card is being used.

You now now state that you will blow away the ‘blue’ making it vanish and so you blow towards the picture card.

However, the blue square still remains.

Telling the children that you blew it away, you slowly remove the card from the window envelope and the BLUE square slowly loses its colour and is now a cut-out shape!

The envelope is left empty. Self-working & packs flat. Easy to do!

Comes complete with special illustrated cards (approx 8.25" x 5.75", 21cm x 15cm) stiff cardboard window envelope (approx 9" x 6.5", 22.5cm x 16cm) & instructions.

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