The Shy Rabbit

The Shy Rabbit

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The Shy Rabbit is one of those effects that often register better than the more expensive item in your children’s shows, possibly because of the simple plot & characters that even the youngest child can understand!

You show a picture of a coloured rabbit who you explain is very shy and easily frightened.

For example if the children make cat noises such a meow meow; your bunny goes white with fright.

So saying you show that the picture of your rabbit has lost its colour and has now turned white.

The children help to reassure him and with a magic word his colour has returned but not for long, for when the children make noises like a dog woof, woof he turns white again.

More magic words and reassurance and he returns to his regular colour once more.

This sequence is now repeated a third time with the children calling out, “BOO!” requiring even more reassurance to return the rabbit to his correct colour.

But the children know the answer and will soon be telling you that all you are doing is turning the picture around, and there’s a coloured rabbit on one side and a white rabbit on the opposite side.

Now follows the traditional fun as the children demand to see the opposite side of the picture and you try to get out of it by turning it this way and that but never showing them the side they wish to see!

Eventually and after much fun & laughter you turn the picture around and the other side of your rabbit picture is exposed but it’s not a picture of a white rabbit but the rear view of the coloured rabbit running away to hide!

The older children are still not fooled and want to see inside the envelope that your picture is kept in, have you got yet another picture inside?

And yes, there is something inside which when a child removes it, proves to be a Birthday or Christmas card or even perhaps a small bar of chocolate (the choice is yours) the envelope is otherwise completely empty and can be freely examined!

This super trick packs flat in your show bag, where it is always ready to perform.

Comes with the laminated pictures (5.5” x 7.5”), unfaked envelope, routine & instructions.

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