Colourful Prediction

Colourful Prediction

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A surprising and colourful prediction effect!

You show three different coloured six-inch silks each in their own small plastic shot glass, and a folded prediction which is handed to a spectator to seal in to an examined small empty envelope.

A lady in the audience freely selects one of the coloured silks (positively no force) and the other two are discarded.

When the envelope is opened and a spectator reads out your prediction you have correctly predicted the freely chosen coloured silk!

Colourful Prediction is a simple and direct trick that is surprisingly easy to do leaving no clue to how it is accomplished.

*Positively no force is used *Prediction is left in full view at all times *Only one prediction envelope is used which can be examined

Comes complete with three plastic shot glasses (approx 2.25” x 2”, approx 6cm x 5cm), three different coloured six-inch silks, small envelopes & instructions.

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