Adair's Little Bo Peep

Adair's Little Bo Peep

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Ian Adair's great children's show effect using the well-known nursery rhyme:

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
And doesn't know where to find them
Leave them alone, and they’ll come home
Wagging their tails behind them

The children recite the above for you as you always seem to get it wrong; causing lots of fun and comments.

Eventually you offer to show the children a picture of Little Bo Peep and display a stack of large cards, all face down.

The top card is shown to be a colourful image of Little Bo Peep, which is now placed at the bottom of the pile.

A snap on the cards and Little Bo Peep magically jumps to the top from where her picture card is displayed.

This procedure is repeated, each time Little Bo Peep is put to the bottom of the pile only to reappear back on top of the pile.

At the finish you are now left with ONE card in one hand being Little Bo Peep freely shown and a pile of faces down cards in your other hand!

But what about those other cards so far not shown the children may ask? When the remaining three cards are reversed they display the images of cute cartoon sheep one on each of them.

The perfect nursery rhyme effect and an ideal presentation for very young children.

It's also a puzzling presentation for the older children and any adults that may be present. Self-contained with superb art work & easy to do.

Comes with all the 8.5" x 6" colourful illustrated jumbo cards & instructions.

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