Colour Control

Colour Control

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You show two sets of poker chips. There are four to each set & each contains a blue, green, red and white chip. (Note: colours may vary).

A spectator is handed one set of four and you keep the other set.

Both the spectator and you hide your chips behind your back and mix them thoroughly.

To be certain both sets are really mixed, both you and the spectator change sets sight unseen and each of you mix the sets behind your back once again.

You now ask the spectator to bring forward any one of his chips into view. As he does so you also bring forward one chip & when the colours are checked they prove to be the same matching colours.

This is repeated with a second chip and again both colours match.

Each of you has two chips behind your back which are again mixed, and then the spectator is asked to conceal one in each hand with the chips still behind his back. You now bring both your tightly clenched hands forward with each hand holding one chip.

When the chips are now checked, wonder of wonders, both sets match for your climax!

The poker chips cannot be differentiated by touch and can be carefully examined at any time during the routine as they are completely unfaked and no extra poker chips or gimmicks are used. Easy to do.

“Until you have tried Colour Control you will have no idea what a strong effect it is, it completely baffled Patrick Page and he really knows his magic!” Ken de Courcy.

Comes with two sets of matching poker chips, plastic wallet to carry them & instructions.

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