Bring Back the Schtick DVD

Bring Back the Schtick DVD

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This DVD from renowned professional magician Quentin Reynolds will possibly be the most valuable DVD you will ever own if you perform or are planning to perform children's shows.

• You want to develop a well-structured show that is so much fun to perform, even if you've never done a show in

your life. So well structured that even with a nasty dose

of influenza the flow of the show will still carry you through.

• You’re a teenager and looking for extra income or to pay your way through college. At the age of seventeen Reynolds was making more money at weekends than his teachers were earning in a week!

• You have a job but want to do some shows to supplement your income and you want to able to hold your own with any professional.

• You’re retired and want to perform for the pleasure of it as well as generating some extra income in your spare time.

• You’re already a professional and want some new PROVEN material that’s been already tested.

The ideal magic show for children should be endless fun. It should have light and shade, lots of participation, lots of laughter and good strong magic.

With this 2-DVD set you will discover how to get more reaction from the tricks you already do regardless of whether you do any of the effects on this DVD.

Ways of getting audible gasps from the magical effects. Tons of gags and bits of business - good solid SCHTICK! A range of routines you will want to add instantly to your show.

We taped three shows for three different age groups, disc 1 contains a selection.

Disc 1
Silver Sceptre: Tips on getting better reactions & more laughter from this classic effect of magic.
Handkerchief Mouse: Performance only, full details on the Five Minutes with a Pocket Handkerchief DVD.
Magic Drawing Board: Extra gags & tips on timing that can be added to your existing routine or simply use this routine as is.
Lovey Duck: At least five minutes of action-packed magic, laughter & surprises.
Cedric’s Phone: A delightful bit of business for younger children that can be used to introduce your next trick.
Invisible Silks: A small child keeps putting one over on the magician! and lots more!

Disc 2.
An interview with Reynolds plus a look at some of the children’s entertainers of yesteryear and their legacy of excellent magical effects, any one of which could be a highlight in your show.

Bertram’s ‘Letter for the Conjuror’ & ‘Changing Die’
Eric P. Wilson’s ‘Wunda Villa’ & ‘Snowman’
Ken Little’s ‘Mysto The Mighty’
Peter D’Arcy’s ‘Magic Bricks’
George Wallman’s ‘Carrier Bag Gag’ and lots more!

"Excellent thoughts on psychology, acting, timing, pausing and pointing. I especially enjoyed the second disc where Quentin talks about British children's magicians of the past and demonstrates some of their wonderful magic. Really fascinating." Eugene Burger.

"If you want to know what a professional children's entertainer LOOKS like, ACTS like & THINKS like, then Quentin's DVD set should surely be an essential resource.
Years of research and thought, and thousands of shows are clearly evident, and it is all brought to you with a real generosity of spirit." Richard McDougall.

"This is not a video lasting 40 minutes or so - no, in fact its duration is 240 minutes. No padding; & packed with superb presentations and explanations - bits of business and comedy gags suitable for all age groups. I thoroughly recommend this set of DVD's to all children's entertainers. It's one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of watching." Ian Adair.

“A gold mine of material for anyone performing for a variety of audiences age 3-5, 6-8 and 9 and up! His material is seasoned and perfected, doing many classics with all those extra bits added that make this a DVD a wealth of material for anyone, newbie or professional looking for bits to add and make their show fresh”. Alan Sands.

"All I can say is if you are into entertaining children with magic, this DVD will not disappoint. Quentin is a real thinker and I loved watching this guy work. It becomes
obvious right away that he thinks out every single facet of each routine to make it the best it can be.

I can honestly say I have learned some new things from watching this DVD; especially the importance of “pauses” and Quentin is a master at this bit-of business. I definitely give these DVD’s two thumbs up!" Tommy James.

Comes with the 2-DVD set with a total running time of 240 minutes.

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