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Switcheroo is a clever idea that you will use in many different ways and in dozens of routines and effects!

We give you ELEVEN great ideas but you will soon be coming up with many new ideas of your own.

It’s a novel laminated holder (colours may vary) with a window in one side through which any flat object slipped inside can be viewed up to the very last moment yet you will be able to switch that item for another one in an open but truly delightful magical way!

Switcheroo measures approx. 7.75” x 5.75” large enough to take a jumbo sized playing card, large envelope or photograph etc. The back of which can be clearly seen through the large 3” x 3” window but the card or whatever has now been switched and it can now be a totally different one.

Imagine showing your audience the face of a jumbo playing card as your prediction and leaving it in full view back outwards in your holder.

A card is then chosen from your regular deck but when shown it does NOT match your prediction card - you appear to have failed miserably!

However not to be defeated, when your prediction card is removed from the Switcheroo it now exactly matches the chosen one and the holder is clearly seen to be empty.

It’s so very easy with our Switcheroo you can use it to produce, vanish, change, print or colour on blank card, magically restore cut ribbons or banknotes and use it for many baffling tricks & routines.

Switcheroo will delight you with its simplicity and apparent openness.

Comes complete with Switcheroo (approx. 7.75” x 5.75”), two jumbo playing cards & instructions.

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