Big Switcheroo - Light Up

Big Switcheroo - Light Up

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This is a comedy card effect that fits in nicely to any type of performance.

You display a laminated holder with a window in one side and claim it contains your prediction. You have a playing card chosen from a normal sized pack, let’s say it is the queen of hearts. A jumbo prediction card is removed and proves to be the eight of spades, clearly you have blundered.

You explain that a good magician would now switch the card for the correct one. You show a large electric light switch and fasten this to the back of the folder into which you re-insert the wrong jumbo prediction card.

A spectator themselves click the switch over and it instantly lights up and when the jumbo card is again shown it has magically ‘switched’ into the correct card!

Big Switcheroo Light-Up Model is a really funny and entertaining revelation of a selected card.

We also give a different comedy presentation that you will also enjoy performing as an alternative to Big Switcheroo Light-Up Model.

You will soon be inventing many more entertaining effects with the apparatus supplied! Easy-to-do.

Comes with two jumbo cards, the special laminated Switcheroo, a light-up switch & instructions.

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