Alto Chance

Alto Chance

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Alto Chance stands for alternative just chance in which the children taking part are the WINNERS!

Two children are invited to take part and you show three different laminated coloured holders each with a window and each containing a large card, you explain that two of these cards detail cash prizes that can be won.

Your job, you claim, is to stop the children winning the cash prizes and you go about this with some sneaky double talk intended to throw the children off being able to claim their prizes.

But the children are too clever and each child in turn chooses a coloured holder from which their card is revealed & each is delighted to find they have won a 50p coin which you reluctantly pay out complaining that children are too clever these days!

However, when the card is taken out from the coloured holder you are left with it turns out to be the major cash prize!

Alternatively: The excitement builds as you take out your prize card and the children will laugh their heads off when you reveal that you have only won a bottle of nasty medicine from which they insist you take a spoonful, pulling the most horrible faces in the process to the children’s utter delight!

Overseas we can supply Alto Chance in your money i.e. 50c, just tell us what currency you require when ordering.

Comes with prize cards (approx 7” x 5.25”), three laminated Switcheroo holders (approx 5.75” x 7.75”) & routine. Use your own cash prizes, small plastic bottle of green pop & plastic spoon to represent the Nasty Medicine.

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