Smiley Ball Prediction

Smiley Ball Prediction

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A clever prediction effect using four smiley balls and a paper bag suitable for close-up, cabaret, children’s shows or stand-up.

You show a bag containing four different coloured smiley balls and also a prediction that is left in full view.

Three spectators each eliminate one of the coloured balls by putting their hand inside the bag and freely taking any one out, leaving just one ball in the bag for you, let’s say this is BLUE.

Your prediction is opened and read out loud, it reads:

Thank you for leaving me with Smiley!

Your audience are not impressed as it is clear all the coloured balls could be described by the name ‘Smiley’.

However, you point out that the message is just your way of thanking the three spectators for their assistance and with a quick tug on the prediction card it now reads:

PREDICTION – Smiley is the BLUE ball!

Clearly you have been leading everyone “up the garden path”!

Note the following points:
•The prediction is different each time you perform it.
•Prediction can be left for examination.
•The balls are unfaked and so is the bag.
•Reset with a different prediction only takes a second.
•Very easy to do.
•We also explain a clever extra BONUS effect.

Comes complete with the 1.25-inch smiley balls, bag, prediction cards & instructions.

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