Sex or Money! with Jumbo size playing cards

Sex or Money! with Jumbo size playing cards

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The Effect: You explain the above theory to your audience and propose a test. A number of jumbo sized playing cards are shown and a volunteer from the audience freely selects one which they then associate in their mind with either the word ‘sex’ or ‘money’, the card is then mixed amongst the other cards.

Standing at a distance but where you can see their eyes, you show each card individually to the volunteer and request them to merely think the selected word in their mind, when they see their freely selected card.

The audience are also invited to watch the subject’s eyes, so it is a great audience participation item!

Instantly when the chosen card is shown you are able to tell them when they say the key word in their mind, also revealing the very card that they freely chose!

No, you don’t rely on the pupils of their eyes or anything so hit and miss! In fact, like all good magical secrets the true method is very easy both to do and perform, no sleight of hand is required.

If using the words ‘sex’ and ‘money’ doesn’t quite suit your style, other key words such as ‘hate’ & ‘love’, ‘living’ & ‘dead’, ‘hot’ & ‘cold’, ‘sweet’ & ‘sour’ could be used.

Ideal for close-up, walkabout, cabaret or stage.

Comes with the jumbo sized playing cards & instructions.

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