Oil & Water

Oil & Water

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A classic close-up effect now made more visual than ever!
Suitable for all age groups.

Eight laminated cards are shown back and front, four are pictures representing oil and the other four are pictures representing water.

You explain that oil and water will never mix. So saying, you mix the eight cards together so they run alternatively oil, water, oil, water and so on.

A magic word or a quick flick of the cards and they mysteriously separate, the four oil cards rising to the top of the packet and the four water cards sinking to the bottom of the packet!

A baffling feature of the routine is that the cards are quite unprepared and can be examined at the conclusion of the effect.

This makes Oil and Water the perfect pocket trick for you to perform anywhere at anytime!

Because of the visual nature of the cards the trick is first class for inclusion in your intimate type shows, easy to do!

Comes with the laminated cards (approx 2.5" x 3.25", about the size of Poker playing cards) & instructions.

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