Clown Colouring-In

Clown Colouring-In

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Clown Colouring-In is a wonderful prediction suitable for your children or adults shows using simple props and is also very easy to do!

You show a large A4 size envelope with your prediction card popping out of the top. This is left in full view and you don’t go near it again.

Next you show a black & white picture of a clown wearing a hat and a big bow tie, and three different coloured chunky markers which are dropped into an empty paper bag and mixed.

A spectator places their hand inside the bag and selects one of the markers to colour in the Clown's hat. A second marker is now selected to colour in the clown's nose and the last marker is used to colour in the Clown's bow tie.

Note: In each case the hat, nose and tie are selected to be coloured BEFORE the spectator chooses each coloured marker.

It is obvious to your audience that the colours are chosen by chance and so the Clown picture could be coloured in any order.

Once completed the picture is freely shown to the rest of the audience.

Anyone now removes your prediction picture from the otherwise empty envelope, no switch or double-sided picture yet wonder of wonders the two pictures exactly match each other!

The spectator has exactly matched the colours of the Clown's hat, nose and bow tie to those of your prediction.

A reputation-making feature effect that is suitable for any audience. Black & white colouring-in refills are available at a reasonable price so you can afford to sign and then give away one picture at each performance as a souvenir of your show.

Comes with 10 A4 (8.25 x 11.75 inches) black & white Clown picture cards, chunky markers, paper bag, prediction envelope, routine & instructions.

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