Psychic Mystery Deck

Psychic Mystery Deck

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Psychic Mystery Deck is a subtle gimmicked pack of playing cards designed to bring about a series of mystifying mental effects!

Imagine: The shuffled deck is equally divided between two spectators who in turn shuffle their half of the deck. Each then freely (no force) selects any playing card which is then shuffled back into the other half deck. Mysteriously each spectator is able to correctly name the other spectator’s freely chosen card! Later they can only explain that they must have been hypnotised to bring this mysterious revelation about.

Imagine: Spectators taking the cards into the audience and allowing audience members to freely select cards which are then shuffled back into the deck, you then being able to reveal the names of all the freely chosen cards!

Imagine: Your being able to apparently remember the order of the shuffled deck so that when cards are removed and returned to the pack you can correctly reveal from memory which cards have been removed and then replaced!

The three examples above are all effects that you can produce once you learn the subtle secret of the Psychic Mystery Deck that we supply, which consists of all the fifty-two cards and two Jokers.

You will soon have many ideas of your own once you get started with this easy-to-use pack of fifty-two playing cards. A subtle miracle effect that is surprisingly easy to do!

Comes with the bridge-sized deck of playing cards, suggested routines & instructions.

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