Biting through a card, long edge & RED back

Biting through a card, long edge & RED back

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A very funny trick indeed! You have a playing card freely selected and marked by a spectator on its face.

Then you explain that to find the freely chosen card in the deck you also have to mark it and so saying you bite a piece out of the side of the card.

Your audience can clearly see the gap on the card where it has been bitten into.

You now explain that the chosen card is easy to find when shuffled back into the deck but then you have to repair it before displaying it to the audience.

So saying and with a blow from your lips, the card is immediately restored!

When you turn the card over it is the spectator's marked selected one which you can pass for examination!

The card is also ideal to use with a puppet having the dog or cat character bite the piece out of the card and then blow it back again.

This will give both you and your audiences loads of fun and laughter when you introduce it into your shows and it’s very easy to do!

Comes with the single gimmicked quality Bicycle RED-backed poker card which allows the card to be bitten on its long edge and restored & instructions.

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