Lightening Ropes

Lightening Ropes

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Lightening Ropes is a clever and entertaining mystery using metre length coloured ropes perfect for both your children and adults’ shows!

You drop a WHITE rope into a WHITE card cone and a RED rope into a RED card cone claiming that you will cause them to change places with each other at your command.

Sure enough you now show that they have indeed changed places; the RED rope is now in the WHITE cone and the WHITE rope is inside the RED cone.

Change them back? Of course, and you do it like lightening showing both ropes have magically returned to their own individual cones once more.

Yet there is some doubt in your audience’s minds that four ropes are actually being used; two reds and two whites and any children in your audience are likely to express their suspicions for everyone else to hear!

However, you open both cones out flat to form two single sheets of card showing that the two extra ropes inside are YELLOW and BLUE!

Comes with the four (approx metre length) ropes, two unfaked card cones, comedy routine & instructions.

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