Twilight Twins

Twilight Twins

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Six pairs of well-known characters are used in this clever close-up effect, pictures like Adam & Eve, Laurel & Hardy etc., consisting of two piles of twinned picture cards.

One packet of laminated pictures contains six different characters and the other pile the matching mate of the first pile.

A spectator thoroughly shuffles and mixes the two piles to his heart’s content and then you take one pile and the spectator takes the other.

You now deal one of your characters face down upon a table and the spectator takes one of his characters placing it face down upon yours.

In this manner all the six cards from both piles are dealt with and please note each and every time YOU deal your prediction card down and then the spectator lays his card on top AFTER you. Positively no one ahead or one behind is used.

Any spectator can now turn over the six piles each of two picture cards to discover each and every one of the duos correctly match with their mates: Caesar with Cleopatra, Romeo with Juliet and so forth – a perfect match of each and every character!

No fake or extra picture cards are utilised, everything can be left for examination. The picture cards are laminated for long life. No marked cards, no half cards, double-backed or double-faced pictures.

Once the cards are paired you don’t touch them again. Easy to do.

Comes complete with the twelve laminated picture cards just slightly bigger than Poker sized playing cards & instructions.

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