Adair's Snaperoo

Adair's Snaperoo

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Looking for the perfect trick and routine for presentation at those gatherings where children attend; Mothering Sunday, Father's Day, Easter Celebrations and small birthday house parties?

Look no further it is available NOW!

Snaperoo is a routine using something every child (3 years upwards) is aware of - a pack of coloured pictorial SNAP cards.

You display an envelope in which you state is a card, this being kept in full view throughout the routine.

A pack of Snap cards is now displayed, showing different images which are known to children all illustrated in colour, then riffled and shuffled.

A child is asked to freely cut the pack and then the cut-at card (cartoon type illustrated in colour) is displayed.

The child opens the envelope and removes the contents "SNAP!" It's the duplicate card (there's two of each in every Snap pack) an exact match of the one chosen!

No sleights, no rough and smooth or svengali principles are used. If you wish the pack can be handled by the child at the end of the routine.

The pack is mechanical and works every time, using any of the duplicate cards. Wonderful for repeat shows. It will be a different card for every performance.

Comes with the special SNAP pack, an extra half pack which contains duplicates of each (one for the envelope and one for the pack), envelope, routine & instructions.

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Only £14.99

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