Adair's Scotty's Purrfect Tartan Bow

Adair's Scotty's Purrfect Tartan Bow

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A charming children's item based on Ian Adair's Bunny Bow which appeared in his published booklet There's Children's Magic in the Air(1997).

This splendid version features a cut-out cat figure named Scotty, but has been improved in the working and appearance and it now features a brightly coloured tartan ribbon bow.

You remove a cut-out figure of a cute black & white cat from a stiff cardboard envelope which has two cut-out windows on its front. Thus the children first see her through these windows.

Scotty is replaced and her face and body can be clearly see through the windows at all times.

Scotty is rather sad, it's her birthday today, and all she wants is a tartan ribbon to tie around her neck.

A length of Royal Stewart tartan ribbon is displayed and then placed into a coloured envelope for safekeeping and as a surprise gift for Scotty.

A child can now assist by waving a magic wand as everyone says your magic words then the envelope is opened and shown to longer contain the Tartan Ribbon - it's vanished!

When the cut-out cat figure is slowly removed from behind the two windows, there, tied around Scotty's neck in the form of a large bow is the missing length of tartan ribbon!

The purrrrrrfect applause pulling finish to a charming story and magical effect. Easy to do and will pack flat in your case.

Comes with the cut-out Scotty (8" x 5", 20.5 x 12.75cm) , card double envelope with a double window (9" x 6.5", 22.75 x 16,5cm) , ribbon, routine & instructions. Was £24.99 Black Friday price:

Only £17.99

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