International Holidays

International Holidays

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Holiday themed mental effects are popular all the year around & here is one that your audiences are just going to love!

You show a number of printed laminated cards one of which shows a list of various holiday destinations worldwide.

The other four show lists of airports that companies such as British Airways fly to on a regular basis.

Your spectator can freely and mentally choose any listed destination to which they would like to go for their next holiday and check which of the companies specialise in flying to these places.

Incredibly you are able to describe the place of their choice and then finally name it!

The effect can be immediately repeated as many times as you wish with the same or different people. It’s simply incredible!

International Holidays is very easy to do and is ideal as a pocket trick and with our terrific presentation it could also be used on stage or cabaret to great effect!

While the method is based on an old idea, we have updated it so that even those magicians familiar with this principle will be fooled and mystified by its covert methods and novel application.

Comes complete with all the specially printed and laminated cards (approx 4 x 5.5 inches, 100 x 150 cm) & instructions.

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