Mentalist's Card Holder

Mentalist's Card Holder

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This is a most useful aid to a mentalist or magician and one of the best methods to force a predicted number.

It is also a great aid in reading people’s minds; receiving their secretly written words, numbers, colours and drawings - you will use it in many ways!

Imagine: You show a simple, small (approx 10 x 14 mm) open-fronted card holder, a spectator signs his name on the facing blank card and you also write a prediction upon it.

The card is then pulled out of the holder and left face-down in full view.

A second spectator writes their name and a three-figure number on a second blank card, a third spectator initials this card & also writes a three-figure number underneath the first number forming a sum.

A fourth spectator does likewise; signing the card & writing another three-figure number underneath the other two.

Now yet another spectator totals the numbers and writes the answer on the back of the card. Imagine everyone's amazement when anyone displays your prediction and it is 100% correct!

Question & Answer: One or more spectators can write questions on the initialled card which can then be shredded or burnt.

You then start to receive impressions and appear to be able to reveal the spectator’s secret thoughts and answer their questions.

Words, numbers drawings, colours and many other items secretly written or drawn can be revealed as if by mind reading with the aid of this clever prop!

Comes with the laminated Card Holder, a number of blank cards & instructions.

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