Burglar Bill

Burglar Bill

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Super pack-flat effect that is ideal for your children’s shows - adults will love it as well!

Five jumbo cards are shown each of which has a colourful picture on it. One picture is of a shady-looking individual named “Burglar Bill” who you tell the children is very naughty.

Three of the pictures are Policemen in blue uniforms & bobby hats and the fifth picture is of an empty prison cell where the policemen are to lock up Burglar Bill.

The policemen chase Burglar Bill here, there and everywhere all morning – but they have difficulty catching the rascal. One policeman goes home for his lunch and the other two chase Bill this way and that – it is all very exciting!

The other two policemen in turn give up the chase and go home for their tea and supper respectively. All comes right at the finish however, for Burglar Bill VANISHES and magically appears behind the bars in the prison cell!

With all the fun of the hunt children love to join in, and the finish brings the routine to a lovely satisfactory climax – when you can lead the children in a “…round of applause for the brave policemen!”

Only five picture cards are used – no extras. No pockets or flaps to worry about, making it possible to perform almost anywhere, packs flat in the bottom of your bag and is always ready to perform.

Comes with colourful laminated picture cards (approx A5 sized), routine & instructions.

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