Drinks' Menu _Waiting for new stock

Drinks' Menu _Waiting for new stock

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Working close-up: You hand a spectator six laminated cards that list no less than thirty-six different drinks, the spectator secretly chooses one drink.

A pocket-sized Drinks Menu, which lists all the drinks, is now introduced and the spectator finds the page on which is own drink is listed among several others.

Immediately, as if reading his mind, you are now able to name the actual drink he is only thinking about!

Working stand-up: Six different spectators each mentally choose a different drink from the drinks cards. You then read out loud all the thirty-six drinks, a page at a time, from the Drinks Menu.

After each page spectators raise their hand if you have included their drink, and immediately you correctly name each drink being thought of!

No skill or memory work required, always ready to perform. Once you have learned the canny secret of this incredible effect you will be able to perform it anywhere at anytime - close-up or stand-up, what more could you wish for?

Comes complete with the six laminated drinks cards (approx 4.25” x 5.5”), Drinks' Menu (approx 4” x 5”) & instructions.

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