The World's Greatest Headline Predictions

The World's Greatest Headline Predictions

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Read all about it! Sensational publicity! Headline news! Front page stories!

Bob Nelson, Maurice Fogel, David Berglas, Devin Knight, Al Koran, Eddie Burke and many others worldwide have received sensational free publicity in the media by revealing tomorrow’s news today by presenting amazing headline predictions!

When someone can appear to predict with incredible near accuracy events to take place in the future, such as the headlines of newspapers, lottery numbers, stocks & shares, the outcome of sporting events, contests, elections and the future actions of famous people – the world will sit up and take notice!

Eddie Burke has collected together some of the world’s GREATEST Super Headline Prediction Tricks, thirteen in total into one great volume so that you too can utilise these fabulous effects and secrets in your own work.

No expensive electronic or radio equipment is ever required.

Contents including full methods of: Billet Pencil, Dr Jaks’ Billet Knife, Geddes’ Jar Prediction, Neville Sackville’s Knife, Koran Envelopes, Sealed In Air Prediction, Fogel’s Bottle, Mini Prediction Chest, Tomorrow’s News, Ballyhoo Prediction, Six of the Best Prediction, Eddie Burke’s Pill Box Mystery,

Al Mann’s ‘Clear Box Prediction’ (effect only) & ‘Gilligan’s Prediction’ (effect only).

Plus commentary on showmanship, staging and presentation based on actual experience of Eddie’s own sensational ‘Pill Box Mystery’ that gained maximum publicity on BBC TV, radio and in the newspapers – resulting in a very lucrative contract to appear at prestige Top Rank Clubs and venues nationwide!

We consider the information in this book to be worth many hundreds of pounds to the modern magician, mentalist and showman.

Sixty-six pages of priceless information – representing tremendous value that you will always treasure!

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