Comedy Stab-a-Card

Comedy Stab-a-Card

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A lady chooses a playing card and a corner is torn off, which the lady slips in to her pocket or purse.

You now try to discover the chosen card but due to a misunderstanding the deck is accidently scattered all over the floor or stage!

A paper bag is shown, a torch being shone inside it so that the audience can see from the light shown within that the bag is empty, not even a shadow.

You now take a dagger or a large knitting needle or similar (use your own) and push this clean through the empty bag meanwhile the cards are collected and dropped inside the paper bag which is being held in view on the dagger.

Suddenly the bag is ripped away from the dagger to show one card is completely impaled upon it - can this be the chosen card? When the spectator checks the torn off corner they have been holding from the start its the exact fit and value of the card named!

No palming or similar sleights are used. Easy to do.

Comes with a sample paper bag, comedy routine & instructions. Use your own playing cards, paper bag, hand torch & dagger.

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