Production Banana with Zip

Production Banana with Zip

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Producing a Banana from inside a spectator's jacket is a sure-fire laughter item guaranteed to break the ice.

We supply an imitation silicone Banana that can be rolled up to conceal in your hand which then goes under a gentleman’s jacket or inside a lady's handbag from where you magically produce it.

Furthermore the Banana has its own zip and you can imagine the fun it will create when you remove a banana, unzip it and then take a bite from a REAL banana, a bread roll or a chocolate bar inside, and then zip it up tightly once again!

A terrific running sight gag that will fit anywhere in your show producing laugher every time you repeat it!

Or fancy walking into a shop or bar and ordering something and then taking a banana out of your pocket and unzipping it to pay with the money you have inside, and then zipping it back up again.

You will find many opportunities to put lots of laughs in both your shows and also your life with this special Banana.

Ideal for clowns, children’s entertainers, comedians, magicians and mentalists.

Great to force a card and then find a duplicate inside the banana. At this price it’s a real snip with great a peel. Get yours today!

Comes with the special silicone Zip Banana (approx 10", 25cm long on its plain unzipped side), instructions & a collection of one-line banana jokes.

Post FREE in the UK. Overseas please add £5.00 for the extra postage to your country.

Only £7.99

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