David Hoy Book Tests -Plus

David Hoy Book Tests -Plus

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Well known worldwide there can be few of the world’s top mentalists who haven’t been influenced either directly or indirectly by David Hoy.

Performing professionally for a number of years as the amazing Dr. Faust, his opinion was that the best in mentalism was achieved by a simple direct approach coupled with strong showmanship.

In our 8-page booklet we are proud to present two of his audience tested items both of which demonstrate his subtle and direct attitude to book tests. These being his acclaimed ‘Pocket Book Miracle’ and his ‘Hoy’s Bold Book Test’

The first being designed by Hoy for more formal shows and the second that he performed completely impromptu with books genuinely borrowed from the audience without any advance preparation.

The brilliance of these two items is in their practicability and simplicity requiring a little boldness and showmanship to create miracles.

As a long time fan of the late David Hoy I can highly recommend them to any performers who enjoy performing miracles of the mind!

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