Square to Circle Card

Square to Circle Card

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Looking for a low-cost fun trick for your new children’s show?

Then you won’t do better than Square to Circle Card that has stood the test of time since the 1960s. Recently remade after a long absence & based on our ever popular Rabbit Twist!

You show a picture of a RED square printed on a laminated card with bound edges for long life. You explain that this is a picture of a magic square and you can do magic with it – would the children like to see your favourite magic trick? – you bet they would!

The children are asked to say your magic word as you pass the picture behind your back and when it emerges on the other side the red square has changed to a BLUE one.

The children don’t seem very impressed – so you pass it behind your back again and the magic word is repeated and now when the picture is shown the square is red once more!

You can repeat this as many times as you wish but the children are not fooled – even the little ones know that you are just turning the picture around behind your back and they tell you so in no uncertain terms.

But you insist that it really is all done by magic – so the children demand to see the other side. Now follows the usual, “Turn it around” business – which you misunderstand and simply turn the picture in a circle without showing the opposite side. “Show us the back!” cry the children so you show them YOUR back, still keeping the back of the picture concealed!

Finally, you get the message that the children wish to see the opposite side – so you admit that you have been turning the squares round, and so slowly and reluctantly you show the opposite side of the picture – which does indeed have a large shape printed on it A ROUND MULTI-COLOURED ONE! You have indeed made the square round, bringing this hilarious routine to a suitable climax!

Comes complete with laminated card (approx 8” x 5.75”, 20cm x 14.5cm) & instructions.

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