Blithe Spirit

Blithe Spirit

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You talk about your cheerfull but spooky ghost friend Henry, who sometimes helps you with your magic and you propose to give him centre stage with a little experiment using this blithe spirit.

You show two playing cards to be blank on both sides and these are held securely between a spectator’s hands.

Next you show seven face-down playing cards that are mixed by another spectator who then selects one, let’s say it is the Queen of Diamonds.

The first spectator now separates the two blank cards that he holds, to show that your friendly ghost Henry has spookily caused a duplicate card to the one selected to mysteriously appear on one of the tightly-held blank cards.

Wait a minute; are all the other six cards duplicates of each other? You bet they are, anyone turns them over and Henry has turned them all into BLANK cards!

Blithe Spirit is very easy to do. Everything can be left for examination. It’s an amazing neat close-up mystery that everyone will enjoy.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle poker cards & instructions.

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