Ghost - JUMBO A5 size

Ghost - JUMBO A5 size

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Let’s go on a spirit hunt and the one that finds the GHOST wins the prize!

Yes this is the ever popular ‘Just Chance’ effect dressed up with colourful pictures themed as an easy-to-do WINNER, that is suitable for children and adults’ shows and table-hopping.

Five large A5 sized envelopes are shown, mixed together and during the ghost hunt fun that follows four spectators each receive an envelope by chance, the last one being for you.

Each envelope is opened by the recipients and the four spectators each receive a cartoon style laminated picture of an animal, plus if they can make the sound that the animal makes; there is a little message that entitles them to a small prize, alternatively these can be hard luck messages.

You open your envelope to reveal an A5 sized picture of the GHOST with a genuine £20 (or £50) banknote attached to it as your climax!

Alternatively, this can be a note that entitles the birthday boy or girl to a larger major prize.

Ghost is 100% guaranteed and requires no skill or practice, as it is almost self-working. Everything can be left for examination as no fake cards or envelopes are used.

Only five picture cards are utilised – no extras. Only one banknote is involved and is not secretly palmed or otherwise inside the winning envelope. You will love the simplicity and directness of the method.

Comes complete with envelopes, five single-sided jumbo picture cards (approx 5.5 x 8"), routine & instructions.

Only £12.99

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