Anniversary Waltz

Anniversary Waltz

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A special trick to perform with the bride & groom at their wedding or for anniversaries, engagement parties, St Valentine’s Day & many other romantic events – having a lasting impression on the entire audience & leaving a small memento that the couple will keep forever.

You show a deck of playing cards to the happy couple, which are then thoroughly shuffled and mixed. The lady then cuts the deck and removes two cards; let’s say these are the Queen of Diamonds and the Jack of Spades.

The lady initials the Queen of Diamonds and the gentleman initials the Jack of Spades, after which the cards are positioned back to back and held safely between the couple’s palms, the lady placing a hand on the top of the two cards and the gentleman’s hand below them.

With the cards tightly held, if you can sing or play an instrument you can sing or play a few bars of the Anniversary Waltz. If music is not your forte then a few warm words of congratulations are in order.

When the couple separate their hands and examine the two cards miraculously they have become welded together as one single card on each side with their initials clearly visible!

While appearing to be sleight of hand with a deck of playing cards, in reality with Eddie’s clever version there is not a single sleight used, not even a double lift or a false cut!

Positively no sleight of hand involved, no secret sticky stuff, roughing fluid, wax or similar; the easiest method on the market to date.

Comes with instructions. Use your own cards but we provide samples.

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