Chinese Goodnight Banner

Chinese Goodnight Banner

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During the 1960s most of my work as a professional entertainer came from clubs up and down the country and a large sized Chinese Goodnight Banner proved to be a Godsend at the end of my comedy magic act.

Moving on 20 years to the 1980s, I was getting more and more bookings working the tables in restaurants and at weddings so I made myself a more suitable smaller A4 sized version which I now offer here; it’s the ideal way to finish when performing close-up or for small intimate audiences.

When you reach the end of your show and you are ready to say goodnight you pick up this banner that has Chinese writing upon it saying, “This is goodnight in Chinese, but if you don’t read Chinese …” (with a quick fold the banner says GOODNIGHT in English) you continue, “This is goodnight in English.”

You then turn the banner around to show a scantily clad picture of a girl in lingerie as you continue, “And if you don’t read English - this is goodnight in any language!”

Not really magical but a great novelty and a good laugh finish suitable for most modern adult audiences, that has been off the market for far too long.

Practically self-working, will fit into your inside jacket pocket requiring no skill save that of presentation. Ideal for any kind of entertainer working close-up, cabaret, TV, weddings or parlour shows.

Comes with the Banner nicely printed onto A4 sized Colotech+ 250 g/m card (approx 11.75” x 8.25”, 29.75cm x 21cm) & instructions.

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