Chinese Double Whammy

Chinese Double Whammy

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A splendid NEW version of an amazing cabaret & stage effect now suitable for your close-up and table-hopping shows.

Two pocket-sized envelopes are shown each containing a prediction, together with a pack of playing cards that can be shuffled. The cards are now dealt individually face down until someone calls stop and the first envelope is inserted in the deck at this point.

This is repeated for the second envelope and in this manner the two cards next to the envelopes are taken by two members of the audience.

The predictions in the envelopes are supposed to reveal the two chosen cards, however, they are in Chinese writing and no one is able to translate them.

Eventually all is resolved when the two Chinese predictions are turned over to show pictures of the very cards chosen!

You can use any deck of playing cards even a borrowed one. We also suggest a stunning additional climax using a Blank Faced pack. No sleight of hand required & the effect is very easy to do.

Comes with Chinese-style laminated pictures about the size of regular playing cards & instructions.

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